Decennium Primum

by Signum Regis

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the 5th album of the metal band Signum Regis
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released March 17, 2017

1. Decennium Primum (music: Ronnie König)
2. Unfold The Mystery (music: Ronnie König, lyrics: Mayo Petranin)
3. Damnatio Ad Bestias (music and lyrics: Ronnie König)
4. Screaming For Justice (music and lyrics: Ronnie König)
5. Kingdom Of Light (music: Ronnie König and Filip Koluš, lyrics: Ronnie König)
6. The Future King (music: Filip Koluš and Josef Vlaschinský, lyrics: Ronnie König)
7. Well Deserved (music and lyrics: Ronnie König)
8. Thunder And Rain (music: Ronnie König and Josef Vlaschinský, lyrics: Tommy König)
9. Train To Neverland (music: Ado Kaláber, lyrics: Ronnie König)
10. A Psalm Of Life (music: Ronnie König and Josef Vlaschinský, lyrics: Ronnie König)


Mayo Petranin - lead vocals
Filip Koluš - guitar
Ronnie König - bass, backing vocals
Ján Tupý - keyboards, backing vocals
Jaro Jančula - drums


all rights reserved



Signum Regis Senec, Slovakia

2008 - debut album released, lead vocals by Göran Edman
2010 - second album “The Eyes of Power”
2013 - concept album Exodus with different singers on each song
2014 - new lead singer Mayo Petranin
2014 - Through The Storm EP
2015 - Chapter IV: The Reckoning album
2017 - Decennium Primum album
2018 - new lead singer - Jota Fortinho
2019 - new album finished
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Track Name: Unfold The Mystery
The history and tales
the Elders carved in cold stone
rise from the past again

Prophecies and signs
both appear with the midnight star
The first ray will show the way

Now take a deep look into the crystal ball
See through the veil of mirrors and smoke?

Wherever you go,
Whatever you do
Raise up a stone
and search for the truth
Whatever it takes
the fate is in our hands
The story’s now told
The mystery unfolds

Piece by piece
we reveal the secret of the golden ark
Half buried in the sand

Looking glass - the haze
Now all hope is lost in the maze
eternity remains

They all have ears but they can not hear
They all have eyes,but they're too blind to see
Track Name: Damnatio Ad Bestias
we would never steal
we would never hurt anyone
we would never murder
yet we are prisoners

they now feed us well
but there is no reason for joy
it's not 'cause they like us
they need us for the show

people blame us for their misfortunes
they hate our guts
water cannot quench their thirst
they want our blood

persecuted with no cause
our demise is getting close
we're sent to die in the lion's den

executed, torn apart
for the faith we pay with blood
through death to life that will never end

beasts can eat our flesh
but they cannot kill our souls
we will live forever
behind the heaven doors

through the sacrifice
we build the church of Christ
that the gates of hell
shall never overcome

along with the worst of criminals
this is our last sigh
damnatio ad bestias
that is how we die
Track Name: Screaming For Justice
no one has come to defend us
we hoped for sunshine, but we got dark night
we stumble at noon, as if we were blind
we feel alone and left behind

injustice is a mainstay
justice seems so far away
truth's being chased out of the court
hope keeps on falling short

we can't take it anymore
we demand rule of divine law
this cannot go on
the hammer of judgment shall now fall

blood on their hands
on every finger
there is a stain
of a death bringer

they're weaving with the finest fiber
but they're creating webs of a spider
crooked are the roads that they make
what is of value they take
is this for real or a dream?
for justice now we scream

we can't take it anymore
we demand rule of divine law
this cannot go on
the hammer of judgment shall now fall

do you believe that prayers
spoken by a broken, beaten man
are being heard in heaven?
that they’re not spoken all in vain?

do you believe, that faith in God can move a mountain?
do you believe, that it can turn stones into fountains?
do you believe, that all events are part of a plan?

we can't take it anymore
we demand rule of divine law
this cannot go on
the hammer of judgment shall now fall
only last chorus: we want injustice to be gone
Track Name: Kingdom Of Light
I know, there's a place
a place where we could meet again.
you're already there, I know it for sure.

a garden like the one,
the one where we used to play
warm and so bright, flooded with light

I hope I make you proud
I hope I'm worth your love

guarded by angels, with no fear inside
when darkness is gone, in light we unite

garden of Eden, no evil inside
the shadows no more in the kingdom of light

I don't know the day
nor do I know the hour
but when my time comes, I pray to be prepared

no regrets on my mind
no debt to leave behind
Track Name: The Future King
he is a warrior
the strongest of them all
giant Goliath
almost 10 feet tall

he's wearing armor
a helmet made of bronze
Philistine's hero
undisputed champion

forty days, he kept on coming forward
to defy armies of the living God
no one dared to fight this killer monster
until now

here comes the one
who shall overcome him
strike him down and let the big head roll

his name is David
the savior of the nation

time to meet the future king
time to meet the future king

he said:
you come against me
with javelin and sword
heaviest armor
And a spear with an iron point

all that won't help you
your face I will smash
today wild animals
will feast on your own flesh

rounded stones, I have in my pocket
with a sling one of them will crack your forehead
here I am, I never feel fear
neither now
Track Name: Well Deserved
Could it be all coincidence?
How did we get into this mess?
a natural flow of events
or a cruel scientific plan?

technocrats running governments
turning whole countries into big prison camps

bankrupted nations
hyper inflation
old order falling
and a new one to rise

who saw it coming
is this well deserved?

you say it's just incompetence
well, I don't share your confidence
intentions are good, you can tell
well, they still pave the way to hell

if they worked for the enemy
they would not do a thing a whole lot differently

we must hang together
or we'll hang all separately
evil can only triumph
if good men let it thrive

Follow the orders
don't cross the borders
this is your new home
the big prison camp

learn to feel guilty
your life's not worthy
freedom got trampled
the state's in control
Track Name: Thunder And Rain
out of darkness I come
it´s all over, it´s done
I walk this higher ground
stretching all around

out of darkness in me
no harder place to be
destiny marked my name
no one left to blame

take up this cross of yours
day after day
no matter what they say
you leave the world behind

thunder and rain
just passing by we wish to see
a senseless world
what story would be told?

sorrow and pain
like a bitter-tasting remedy
flow through your heart
while tearing it apart

I’ve been struggling for years
fighting thoughts, memories
locked out of the promised land
once it seemed at hand

but no longer a slave
been forgiven, forgave
soul´s reaching for the sky
it´s not meant to die

take up this cross of yours
day after day
you take the lonesome way
braving your restless mind

thunder and rain
just passing by we wish to see
a senseless world
what story would be told?

sorrow and pain
like a bitter-tasting remedy
flow through your heart
while tearing it apart
Track Name: Train To Neverland
quarter past midnight and here we go
the last ride
this train is leaving, please close the door
and hold tight

you are now on a journey in time and in space
stay calm and wait until we reach that place

meet all the people sitting around,
next to you

they're here to travel, up and down
just like you

take your time and watch the landscape outside
breathe the air and enjoy the ride

we are on our way back to neverland
where dreams come true and never end

can your hear it? your favourite song!
on the radio
of what it reminds you, is yet to come
on and on

all the chords and lines sound just about right
the beat is pounding along with your heart
Track Name: A Psalm Of Life
Lives of great men
shall remind us all
That we can make our lives sublime

As departing that one day
we can leave behind us
footprints on the sands
of time

Life is real,
unlike an empty dream
life is earnest
and the grave is not it's goal

"for you were made from dust
and to dust you will return"
was not spoken of the soul

neither sorrow nor joy
is our destined end or way
be a hero in the strife!

each and every single day
act that each tomorrow
finds us a bit farther
than today

footprints might one day
help a shipwrecked brother
to take heart again
and move on

I know life is real
not an empty dream
heart for any fate
work and learn to wait

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